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A few numbers…..

I was reading some comments under a news story about another pit bull attacking a child. The people were talking about the reason for the rise in pit bull attacks and fatalities.  They had come to the consensus that it is happening more and more often because pit bulls  are so popular, assuming that they are the most owned dog in the US.
Well, I’m sorry to say, that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

According to, pit bulls make up only 6% of the dog population in the United States. Not only that, but last year, 2014 there were Forty-Two DBRF’s (Dog Bite Related Fatalities) , and Twenty-Seven of them are attributed to the pit bull dog.

Now, I don’t know about you, but just using common sense, that tells me that the pit bull dog can not be a good choice for a family pet.

And I look into the recent past and then far into the future with my next comments. When I first started researching DBRF’s  a few years ago, pit bulls made up 5% of the population. So in less than 2 years, their numbers had grown by 1%.  If that trend continues, every ten years or so, the pit bull population will grow by 10%.

And I’m sure as the population grows, so will the numbers of attacks and fatal attacks.  On top of that, people are cross breeding them with chihuahua’s, weiner dogs, and many other breeds.  Because of that, I believe the pit bull population will explode and the numbers will rise faster than 10% a decade.

Honestly, I can’t even begin to know how that will work out, but surely, it can’t be good.


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